Why You Want an IT Pro That’s Industry Focused

Why You Want an IT Pro That's Industry Focused

There are certain parts of an IT infrastructure that are fairly similar across multiple industries, and some that aren’t.

For example, most offices use the same types of tools for document and spreadsheet creation, like Word and Excel. Other similarities will be that computer operating systems and software need updating and the mechanics of wired or wireless networks.

But, in many industries that’s where similarities end and they branch into industry-specific technology needs.

A few examples are:

  • Job costing software needed in the construction industry
  • Internet-connected sensors and controls used for manufacturing
  • Additional data security and compliance required for medical fields
  • Home buying and selling platforms used in the real estate industry

Working with an IT pro that’s not only focused on the general areas of your technology infrastructure, but also those industry-specific needs can make all the difference in how effectively your technology supports your business mission and growth.

What Can IT Industry Expertise Mean for My Business? 

Skillio Networks makes a point of continuing to grow our industry specific expertise so we can better serve our clients. If you’re working with an IT provider that doesn’t know or take the time to learn your industry specific IT needs, then you’re only getting half of the help you need.

Managed IT services are an integral part of your business health and wellbeing because if your tech is down, so is your company. Here are the benefits that working with an industry-focused IT pro can bring to your bottom line.

Understands How Technology Impacts Your Costs

Technology has made it possible for multiple industries to reduce their costs in many areas. But where one industry can save money may be completely different than another.

For example, moving from paper to digital patient records helped hospitals reduce outpatient care costs by 3%. But in another industry, like construction, savings will be found in other areas beyond digitized files.

Construction firms using the right type of building information modeling (BIM) software can increase mechanical efficiencies by 143%.

A managed IT provider that knows your industry is going to be able to direct you to the right areas of savings that correspond to your industry’s particular use of technology.

Providing the Right Data Security and Compliance Help

While an accounting firm may need to comply with FINRA, a dentist office will be working with HIPAA compliance. And anyone that takes credit or debit cards is subject to PCI DSS compliance by the payment card industry.

IT security is one of the most important pieces of your technology infrastructure and having an IT pro that understands distinct compliance and data security needs and how different privacy regulations intersect, can mean the difference between being protected or running into compliance violations.

Can Guide You in Best Practices

If you’ve just set up a new real estate office, you may not yet know some of the best practices when it comes to technology for your industry. Rather than having to ramp up that learning curve yourself through trial and error, working with an IT pro that knows the real estate industry can save you time and money.

You gain the benefit of knowing the best practices used within your industry that your IT provider has built up in their knowledge base from working with others in the same industry as you. This offers invaluable insight and can help you be competitive in your industry, even if you’re a fairly new business.

Saves You Time Searching for the Right Software

If your company develops software, there’s any number of project management tools on the market that you can use to track product lifecycle and everything that happens from concept to go live. 

But not all of them are going to be equal. Some may be better suited to other industries for general project management, while others may fit your needs like a glove. It can take weeks of demos and trials trying to find out which platform you want to base a big part of your operational processes on.

This is another area where working with an IT pro with industry-expertise is going to help. They’ll have worked with a number of others in your field and know which applications are serving software developers well and which are problematic, saving you time and productivity costs by helping you zero in on the right platform faster.

Remote Device Support

Certain industries need more remote device support than others. For example, a medical office that has all their patients come to them, isn’t going to need devices that transmit data from the field back to the office.

But a surveying firm that is always out in the field gathering data is going to have support for remote technology as one of their key needs.

If you’re not working with an IT provider that understands your industry and their needs for remote device support, you could end up with a major part of your IT infrastructure being outside their support skillset.

Work with an IT Pro That Understands Your Industry

Skillio works with Bay Area clients in multiple industries and we make it our business to know yours! Whether you’re in real estate, software, manufacturing or one of our many other fields of expertise, we’ll ensure your technology support fits your needs like a glove.

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